Nice Girl


Nice Girl

Release date: 31/08/2018 Label: Digital Picnic Records




“A hot stack of sass pancakes drizzled in dark and playful wordplay.” – i-D

“Brass, sassy and empowered, Ashnikko does innuendo-stuffed citrus-sharp raps that take no prisoners.” – Time Out

“She’s been crafting off-kilter southern synth trap like no-one else, and she’s had one hell of a journey to get here.” – NOTION  

“Ashnikko takes charge with a burst of playful energy.” – Complex

“Ashnikko [has] perked up our ears with the release of her debut single.”GRM Daily


Ashnikko’s recent track ‘Blow’ was a huge leap forward from her debut EP ‘Sass Pancakes’. A towering statement in defence of female empowerment and an invective assault on male privilege, ‘Blow’ demonstrated that Ashnikko possesses the attitude to make an immediate impression as well as the music to match.


It earned radio support from Annie Mac at Radio 1, DJ Target at 1Xtra and Julie Adenuga at Beats 1 , while Ashnikko also joined Rinse FM and Reprezent for takeovers.


Now Ashnikko extends her engaging and uncompromising vision by dropping the new track ‘Nice Girl’. Fellow OddChild artist CallMeTheKidd excels with creative production embellishments including industrial-tinged beats, twisted synths and pitch-shifted vocals. It’s the perfect backdrop for Ashnikko’ charismatic flow and sweetly sinister lyrics such as “He says he wants a nice girl / I’m the fuck-up-your-life girl.”


“It was about my ex and not wanting to be someone else for someone else. I’m not a nice girl that you can make into your perfect wifey,” she laughs, with a mocking playground rhyme tone.


As she explains, it’s a personal expression of a wider battle with misogyny: “The waves I’m making aren’t big, yet, but I still get little boys in my inbox telling me to kill myself – just for having the audacity to speak my mind. Any woman who wants to change the world is going to be hated. All of my idols are unapologetically vocal with their opinions and I want to do the same. ”


Ashnikko’s back story is a confusing one: One moment you’re a regular teenager living in North Carolina and the next thing you know, your family uproot 7500 kilometres east – first to Estonia and then to Latvia. In Riga, her parents gave her no other option other than to enrol in a public Latvian high school. She was the only American girl in the entire country to attend a Latvian public school, with her lessons taught entirely in Latvian.


Her escape was to spend her weekends flying to London to pursue a music career. She eventually established a new home-from-home within the OddChild community where she’s spent the last four years focused on developing her music.

Ashnikko recently completed a series of leftfield international adventures as co-host of Kyra TV’s Greatness series. She has also performed at select summer festivals including Field Day and Boardmasters.