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Crying Blood (Mixes)

Release date: 03/11/2008 Digital release date: 03/11/2008 Label: Island

Crying Blood (Mixes)

'How did this songstress stay behind the scenes until now. I love this song its everything a big summer hit should be' Grazia

'I encounter the thrilling Spectorish pop of V V Brown and am struck by the notion that she might be massive' The Word

V V Brown is a singer, a songwriter, a performer, multi-instrumentalist and a producer, and her debut single 'Crying Blood' will be released by Island Records on November 3rd.

The single, taken from V V s debut 'Travelling Like The Light' which will be released next year, was written on a one-string guitar and is a perfect introduction to the 24-year olds sound which she variously describes as indie doo-wop/musical mashed potatoes. In V Vs world, love sounds like the perfect melody. Both are difficult to define she says, but both pour out of the songs on her debut album.

This is music which sounds like performance: dramatic, charismatic and, frequently, as mad as a box of frogs. This is high definition, high concept pop with scuffed edges and laddered tights. 'Its about letting out all these ideas Ive had locked up in my mind' Brown states. 'Its honest. Its not about being festooned with 10 million pounds of diamonds or having perfect hair'

Underground remixes come from Trailer Trash's Hannah Holland, who delivers a filthy electro remix, legendary Andy Weatherall, the Dust Brothers, and dark bassline re-rubs from the Moody Boys.

Track listing:

1. Hannah Holland Remix
2. Andy Weatherall Remix
3. Andy Weatherall Instrumental
4. Dust Brothers Remix
5. Moody Boys Frontline Dub
6. Moody Boys Frontline Re-rub

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