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Is this service free for me to sign upto, and why?

It’s hard to believe but this service is 100% free to sign up to. We are able to do this as record labels want us to get music out to the sporting market, and therefore you playing the songs we support is part of that promotion! It really is that simple, all we ask in exchange for free music is that you send us a small reaction to each song that you download. This is easy to do, and is done through a part of our website.

Do I have to play your music on matchdays?

Although we would love you to support all our music, we understand that differences in how and what music is selected on matchdays vary, so all we ask is that you support whatever you can. Therefore there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to play the music we give you. We do however ask that you support our projects where you can, as that is the whole point of our service.

We currently have deals in place with music stores, does this cause a conflict of interests?

Absolutely not!! We are not after you to advertise GOAL! So any deal you have in place with any music store is not affected by you receiving or supporting our projects. Nor do we wish in any way to get in the way of that deal. We simply want to give your matchday DJs free music in the hope that they will support anything they feel they can! You will not at any point have to advertise our service.

Is there anything else you offer apart from simply the free music?

We can be a point of contact should any department of your club wish to interview artists, or feature an interview as part of your matchday programmes/ tv big screen output/ club radio station. Simply email us any requests and we will do our best to help you out. We are basically looking to promote our artists and projects as fully as we can across the sporting market.

We also receive a large amount of promotional items such as cd’s/ t-shirts/ posters. If you are looking to run a competition, get in touch and we can provide you with prizes or giveaways. Again, this is free of charge!

We will keep you upto date with the latest music news that we feel is relevant to the sports market. We also wish to build a community of stadium announcers/ matchday DJs so that you we can promote the fantastic work that goes on behind the scenes during event days. We feature interviews with stadium announcers signed upto our service every week, as well as run competitions for you to win a wide array or prizes. It really is a website for stadium announcers/ MC’s/ DJs to call their own.

How will I receive the music you promote?

All music will be available to download from a secure part of our website. You can choose a username and password, login and get downloading. It’s all very easy to do!!

Is the reaction process long?

Not at all!! It takes about 30secs but provides us with the feedback that gets passed on to the relevant record labels and artist management. It is however a vital part of our service so it is important that you send your reactions!

This is all sounds a bit too good to be true, what do you get out of it?

We simply want to promote our projects across the sports market, most importantly to every stadium in the United Kingdom. We want our music to get out to your crowds and be heard, and therefore you are a really important part of our service! Record labels give us the music to promote and you are potentially that promotion!

Where can I sign up?

Click ‘register’ on the left of this page or drop me an email and it would be a pleasure to sign you up.