Envy Me


Envy Me

Release date: TBC Label: Sony

Calvin ”Calboy” Wood is not your ordinary teen artist. At 19 years old from Chicago’s south side, he’s turning his demons into art, and intimately depicting his truth. 

"Envy Me" became a legit sensation in the rap world, with shout-outs from Meek Mill and Lil Baby—the latter of which flew Calboy out to perform with him in Atlanta. In a full-circle moment, Lil Durk and G Herbo took notice, too: "That was crazy. I'd met Herbo before he co-signed me—my manager connected the dots—so when I ran into him, he was

like, 'You keep doing your thing. I been hearing you.' Then, voila, he gave me a shout-out on the internet and boosted my views up."

61 million worldwide streams on Spotify

57 million video views on YouTube

Billboard Hot 100 - #39