On & On ft Tony Lanez & HoodCelebrity

DJ Megan Ryte

On & On ft Tony Lanez & HoodCelebrity

Release date: TBC Label: Interscope

As a young woman in the industry, Megan’s hustle, determination, and skill have been key to her steady rise from DJ to breakout star.  Although she has had her fair share of adversity, it has not only added to her story, but also taught her the necessary lessons to achieve success.  

She began building her name when she was a teenager as a club DJ in Virginia, before getting her radio debut.  With big dreams, she knew she had to leave her hometown to chase them. Megan traveled the world as a tour DJ, and moved around the country doing radio and gaining fans in several major cities, including Houston, Miami, DC, Philly, and currently – NYC’s Hot 97.   

Megan has continued to expand her media brand by adding TV Host, writer, and now artist.  You can catch the Heavy Hitter DJ on Hot 97 weekdays from 10am – 3pm.