So Much Better

Release date: TBC

So Much Better

A striking debut mixing subtle electronics with lush string flourishes and cradled by Cavazza's gorgeous longing vocal, the track sets the stage for big things to come from the budding songwriter. Of the track, which drips in a raw hunger that at some moments feels comforting and others bone chilling, Cavazza describes it being, "initially inspired by that unsatisfied feeling you get when a major life moment turns out not to live up to the hype."

Sandro is no newcomer to songwriting and has been honing his chops since childhood. He's since found a stride in honest, straightforward pop music anchored by a voice that is emotive in its most undeniable form. “The songs are all connected by honesty,” he proclaims.

That said, the road to his current project certainly hasn't been without its forks. He spent a short-lived stint at Stockholm music academy Rytmus (boasting alumni such as Icona Pop and Tove Lo), took an extended charity trip to Brazil, and traversed the U.S. on a writing tour setting up pop-up recording studios at National Parks throughout the country. It was these experiences, however fragmented, that solidified his belief that music was his only path.

Sandro Cavazza's forthcoming debut self-titled EP represents a body of work that delves deep into personal experiences portrayed through a universal lens while compromising no authenticity. As he puts it, “I really look up to artists who do what they want to do, who have a lot of integrity. Where you feel the decisions are made not around the dollar signs but by what they actually want to do.”

Track listing:

1. Original

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