My Addiction

Release date: TBC Label: Universal

My Addiction


Universal Music Sweden is proud to present “My Addiction,” the second single from viral YouTube star turned multi-platinum selling artist Joakim Lundell.

Propelled into stardom under the guise of his YouTube handle JockiBoi, 2017 saw Lundell turn his focus from social media antics to profound and deeply personal pop music. The follow up to 4x Platinum selling debut “All I Need,” his second single “My Addiction” tackles the frustrations and struggles of his own drug addiction, homelessness and personal suffering head on for one of his most personal creative offerings to-date.

“The period I sing about was an awful and dark time for me, but I didn’t want it to be a depressing or dark moment musically,” he explains. “Balancing the sad content of the lyrics with a happy and hopeful sense of instrumentation and writing was the perfect way for me to express this chapter of my life. We mirrored this in the use of sunlight seen in the music video and for me it was a really proud achievement. I never dreamed of finding this sort of peace through music.”

An award winning and outspoken social media star, Joakim Lundell has been no stranger to the spotlight. Kick-starting the new namesake musical alias in 2017 with “All I Need,” a heartfelt tribute to his wife Joanna, this marker debut topped the Spotify charts within hours, breaking Swedish records, garnering multi-platinum status and more than 25,000,000 streams to date. With an arsenal of singles set to further explore the trials and themes of Joakim’s life and outspoken persona, “My Addiciton” continues a phoenix like rise for Lundell as he continues to propel from the ranks of viral YouTube prankster to sought after Swedish pop prospect.

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