Happy Life (Promo 1)

The Lucky Guys ft Kurtis Lee

Happy Life (Promo 1)

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September 2019 marks the UK release of Happy Life by The Lucky Guys featuring Kurtis Lee, an improbable trio who’s chance encounter led to the reawakening of a ‘feel good’ summer song that won hearts and minds across Continental Europe.

Up and coming artist Kurtis Lee is a multi-faceted performer who rose through the ranks in a plethora of UK dance productions, before joining the renowned I Got Soul Agency And Performing Arts School - an institution that has nurtured and enhanced the careers of some of the UK’s favourite dancers, singers, actors and West End stars. It was here that Kurtis developed and refined his singing ability.

In a fortuitous and coincidental turn of events, Kurtis Lee’s voice caught the ear of The Lucky Guys, a duo who’s effervescent summer song Happy Life reached the charts in Continental Europe, winning them many fans across the continent.

Blown away by his distinctive tone and powerful delivery, The Lucky Guys felt compelled to ask Kurtis to re-record the song, simply because his voice would be a perfect fit for it! The result meant that this contemporary rendition of Happy Life took on a brand new form of its own, breathing new life into what was already a source of boundless optimism for many music fans. 

The chance meeting between The Lucky Guys and Kurtis Lee was indeed a fortunate stroke of fate, allowing them to live up to their name! It is now time for them to bring some of their unique brand of positive vibes to the UK, this time with a stylish edge provided by new dynamic vocals, meaning this infectiously catchy summer pop song will continue to put smiles on peoples faces for years to come.

Craig & Scott x