Come A Little Closer

Yasmin Jane

Come A Little Closer

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Yasmin Jane is a singer, songwriter and performer, born in England to  Cypriot and English parents.  

Yasmin Jane is a truly remarkable talent.  Her distinctive tones, meaningful lyrics and powerful hooks create music that is not easily forgotten. Her musical career began at the age of 14, when Yasmin Jane started writing songs, but Yasmin knew from an early age that her true passion would always be in performing her own music. Already working with cool powerhouse labels like Ninja Tunes, and producers from Sony, Warner and Universal, her work is evolving progressively and creatively all the time. 

Yasmin Jane impressively debuted as a feature on GangRed’s “Haunt Me’ in 2017, which achieved success in the UK Dance Charts. 

In 2017, she began working on her own project which launched in summer 2018. Lightheartedly and ironically touching on feminist issues with her own brand of Girl Power Lite, her debut single “Cute You Think That” speaks from a relatable female perspective of wanting to look and feel great, but men thinking the effort is for their benefit. Themes such as these give Yasmin Jane a relatable and significant connection between her and her audience, and from this her fandom grows.

Delving into the depths of electronic and atmospheric synths, Yasmin Jane has the world at her fingertips awaiting her next release.

Press release 

Yasmin Jane releases her follow up to her single “Cute You Think That” alongside a remix EP, featuring remixes from HardTime and David NYE. 

Her first single was positively received by critics being described as a "clearly captivating" song that brings out the best in pop music. Yasmin prides herself on writing meaningful lyrics that are mixed with big, catchy choruses guaranteed to stick with you. 

Although often compared to Dua Lipa, Yasmin describes her sound as the 1975 mixed with Charlie XCX. Growing up, she loved, and was influenced by, artists such as Blondie and Pink Floyd. 

Yasmin Jane's single “Come a little Closer” is out for release on 11 January 2019 on all major platforms, featuring striking visuals and an exciting remix EP.