Get Ready For The Weekend

Get Ready For The Weekend

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Sheer Bravado ! AKA Vince Ford grew up in a pub and slept above the jukebox and says "Those 45s became the soundtrack of my life".

They initiated a lifelong love of music for Sheer Bravado that started with forming an Indie band in school, operating a mobile disco, forming a second band in his 20's called 'Temper! Temper' and starting Sheer Bravado Music.

Vince Ford the mastermind behind 'Sheer Bravado' was infuenced by acts and genres like Motown,Chic, Bowie, Roxy Music, ELO, U2, Radiohead, Nils Frahm and many others.

In his own words Vince says "However I have never subscribed to any one genre above another. They have all influenced and inspired me with sheer bravado".

Vince Ford returned to music production in 2016 and discovered the wonderful soulful vocals of 'Jai Lynn' who set him on the route of writing more soul-influenced tracks.

The previous single from 'Sheer Bravado' was entitled ' Your Perfect Disguise' and was produced in London by Aubrey Whitfield. The single charted on the Music Week Commercial Pop charts at NO 21. 

The brand new follow up single from Sheer Bravado is entitled 'Get Ready for the Weekend' and is out now from all good digital stores.