Sharon West


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Sharon West.. is rapidly become a force to be reckoned with on the UK and Worldwide dance music scene. She has been performing at Pride events this year and is keen to build on this and further increase her LGBTQ fan base. Her eclectic and unique style is being widely promoted on the worldwide DJ stage and she is gaining fans and followers with each new release. As with the other songs she writes, this one too has a personal connection.. she says” The inspiration behind “Demons” was from someone I knew who’d thrown their heart and soul into a ten year relationship only to find out their significant other had been having an affair. She had no clue that this had been happening but her friends could see right through him, hence the line” my people told me I’d got blinkers on” I think the lyrics of this song reflect the deception that was going on in the relationship and the sadness felt by the girl at the time. She is in a much better place now I’m happy to say”.

This newest release is tipped to be her most successful yet and will give her the commercial acclaim she has been working so hard for. 

If you want to find out more about Sharon and her music then you can access her website at