Where Is Love (Arion Mix)

Mel & Kim

Where Is Love (Arion Mix)

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Fledgling label Dancing Nation Records is preparing to release its first offering, an exciting piece of pop history from the iconic 80s duo Mel & Kim.

Unbelievably, three decades have passed since the last official Mel & Kim single but Dancing Nation Records are excited to announce the release of the trailblazing duo's fifth official single, a completely unknown track titled 'Where Is Love' which, despite being completely unknown to Mel & Kim’s legions of fans, was intrinsic to the incredible worldwide success they achieved in the late 1980s. 

Originally written for inclusion on the 1986 demo tape which won the East London sisters their first record deal, ‘Where Is Love’ paved the way for a string of smash hit singles, the multi platinum selling album ‘F.L.M’ and a career in pop music which, quite remarkably, continues to resonate some 30+ years later.  As Pete Waterman OBE (of the chart-dominating production team ‘Stock, Aitken & Waterman’) explained “Mel & Kim were a bright light at a point when pop music had lost its way.” 

As talented as they were beautiful and with personality by the bucket load, Mel & Kim were an instant sensation and success came quickly.  Almost overnight the sisters found themselves performing on the worldwide stage as the girl band of their generation.  Adored the world over and trailblazers in both the music and fashion worlds, Mel & Kim set the precedent for girl groups going forward and their career as a duo burned bright and fast before being cruelly cut short just as they were on the brink of world domination. 

The amount of time that has passed between Mel & Kim’s last single and the release of ‘Where Is Love’ has done little to diminish the depth of love that remains for them.  The girls’ global fan base are incredibly protective and those feelings are shared by Dancing Nation Records, who have worked tirelessly to present ‘Where Is Love’ in a way which not only honors the spirit of Mel & Kim’s musical energy but also suggests where their sound may have developed. 

The Hackney-born sisters' star continues to burn bright and their rags to riches story, which reads like a Hollywood movie script, still inspires fans - new and old - to live life to the fullest and to have the confidence to go after their dreams.  For many years, those fans have longed for an unreleased Mel & Kim recording coming to light and alongside those much loved classics – ‘Showing Out’, ‘Respectable’, ‘F.L.M.’ and ‘That’s The Way It Is’ – ’Where Is Love’ is an integral piece of the Mel & Kim story!  Without it the two adorable Cockney sisters, who tapped into the zeitgeist may never have come to public attention. 

The release of 'Where Is Love' will add a new layer to the Mel & Kim story and shine a light on the achievements and talents of two girls who truly embodied the term 'phenomenon'!