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  • I have used Euro Sulution exclusively for my bigger projects this year as I see a much better spread and activity than a normal DJs-only promo. Can definitely recommend them for top UK results and very detailed frequent reports on activity.
  • "The guys at Music House are the best in the business.Their enthusiasm is addictive, their knowledge of front line club promotion has been honed over many many years and the coverage their campaigns afford our releases are an integral point to our successes. Every weekend we know someone new is hearing one of our tracks due to the care and attention they give".
    Jon Barlow / 3Beat

Lifeline (Remixes) - EP

Release date: 06/01/2017

Lifeline (Remixes) - EP

I’m Lostchild, a gay singer/songwriter/producer from a small town called Banbury in the Mid(dle of nowhere)lands.

I make emotional electronic pop music with big choruses and huge 1980s influence, often skirting the borders of R&B and dance. I write songs for similarly minded anxiety-riddled outsiders.

My new EP is called “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” is out on January 6 2017, and it features four deeply personal, unashamedly poppy, OTT pop songs about dealing with low self esteem and anxiety. A remix EP featuring a colossal piano house remix of the “Lifeline” courtesy of Paul Morrell and an extended club mix of “Blind” comes out the following Monday, January 9.

Watch the video for my emotionally charged debut single “Town” below, my ode to growing up “different” in the middle of nowhere. Below that is a collection of artwork and promotional pictures for the EP.

Ok we really love this and are behind Lostchild 100% so it's all about smashing this out and getting as much exposure for us as possible so please help us out and PUSH TO THE MAX!

Craig & Scott x

Track listing:

1. Paul Morrell Radio Edit
2. Paul Morrell Remix
3. Blind - Extended Mix

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