Coronavirus/Covid-19 and Eurosolution update. Click below

Coronavirus / Covid-9 update

Wednesday 13th May 2020

With all the uncertainty at the moment we just wanted to update you to let you know we will continue to run campaigns throughout these changing cirumstances, and to remind you that as well as servicing music directly to club DJs, we also cover online DJs and producers, UK and overseas. We’re always asking our DJs to add our tracks to their individual (and venue) streaming playlists, to update their socials with the new tracks they’re receiving, to keep adding tracks to any Mixcloud or Soundcloud accounts they have, and we also cover numerous podcasts DJs and producers. 

With more people working from home at the moment this allows even greater opportunities to listen to the new music being added by DJs to their playlists. 

DJ’s will continue to be updated with the various campaigns around the new music they are receiving – so please make sure we’re all added to your marketing notes on any campaigns we are working with you. 

DJ charts (Commercial / Upfront / Urban) will continue to be featured in Music Week, which is great profile in each respective area.

Reports will continue in the current way – for personal and audience (until otherwise directed).

Our DJs and contacts remain a huge part of any current or forthcoming campaign.

Please remember we are all affected by this current situation, the DJs are just as relevant as they always have been – we just need to use them to help spread the word in other ways.

Any questions re any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks all.

Stay safe,

Craig, Simon & Scott x

Posted by Craig Jones